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WiFilosophy resolves the fundamental problems of WiFi distribution in your house via proven quantitative methods and proposes rational and systematic solutions to ensure that all your electronic devices are connected with the highest transmission at all times, independent of your distance from your router.

In mid-2016, the owner of WiFilosophy entrusted us with the project of creating a brand identity for the company. We worked closely with the Director to ensure that the identity projects the essence of the company.

Project goals

  • Produce a brand identity that is easily recognised


The identity is inspired from the signal symbol of WI-FI as well as the propagation of the signal with waves emanating from a source. The signal is simplified and re-interpreted as the main typography for the identity.

The colours are composed of bands in blue and green, that symbolise the desired range of speed of data transfer. The signal emanates outward representing WiFilosophy‘s vision to become a leading and trusted WiFi specialist.

Value of the work

  • The brand identity clearly expresses the nature of the business in instant and seamless Wi-Fi connectivity. The identity has the potential for future growth and expansion in various applications such as business cards, office stationery, brochures and website.

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