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TF LEaRN Programme @ NUS

Temasek Foundation Leadership Enrichment and Regional Networking (TF LEaRN) @ NUS is a prestigious scholarship programme to groom the future leaders of Asia in Asia. The programme is managed by the International Relations Office at the National University of Singapore since 2008.

Back in 2010, the TF LEaRN Programme has been running for two years, and lacked a clear and consistent brand.  Our task was to position it as a prestigious scholarship programme, as well as to communicate the opportunities offered by the TF LEaRN programme to students and faculty members at NUS and at partner universities.

We were privileged to design a comprehensive set of recruitment materials from the identity to brochures, banners, posters and e-mailers.

Project goals

  • Create a brand that captures the prestige of the programme and is easily identified by students and faculties in NUS as well as in partner universities overseas
  • Generate interest from students and partners with bold marketing collaterals to be displayed during local and international events
  • Improve the quantity and quality of inbound and outbound student applications and hence scholars


The main challenge was the limited colour palette to work with, while balancing the amount of information that the identity had to convey. Eventually the identity is to be translated into a set of guidelines for future marketing collateral.


For the identity, we developed a structured and versatile system, with layered information that could be stripped down for usage depending on the target market and familiarity with the brand. We adopted a distinctive shade of NUS bold orange that is recognizable and easily associated with the university identity.

Value of the work

  • Created the brand identity and positioned the programme as a forward-thinking and prestigious one
  • Produced a coordinated set of brochures, e-flyers, posters and banners that are used during local and international events
  • The promotional campaign was effective and ensured a steady flow of high quality applications (on average twice more than the number of awards available), amidst more stringent entry requirements of the programme and more competing scholarships available to students
  • The TF LEaRN scholars adapted the brand identity by creating their own collaterals including T-shirts

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