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NUS STEER Programme

The Study Trip for Engagement and EnRichment (STEER) is a programme managed by the International Relations Office at the National University of Singapore (NUS), which introduces NUS students to the diverse socio-cultural-economic environment of new and fast-evolving regions.

With expansion plans to recruit more students to new emerging markets every May and December vacation, one strategy was to revamp the branding and capture all the objectives of STEER succinctly.

We were commissioned to design the revamped identity. A banner was produced in 2014 and showcased at the NUS Global Experience Fair, in which the NUS community and international partners participated. The scope of the project quickly expanded to include country specific e-flyers. The first country specific e-flyer, which was for STEER Vietnam, was produced in late 2014 and proved to be a big success. We were consequently tasked to design other e-flyers for Myanmar and Brazil.

Project goals

  • Position the programme as innovative, unique and well-rounded, and create a brand for the programme, easily identified by students and faculties in NUS
  • Produce branding materials to distribute to students and partners, and to display during events
  • Improve quantity and quality of student applications

 Value of the work

  • Created brand recognition and consolidated STEER as an enriching and exciting educational programme which runs across continents
  • The brand visibility and recognition ensured that there was a high demand for the programmes. For the first eflyer, which was for STEER Vietnam, application rate increased by an extraordinary 250%. This experience showed that there was a large untapped pool of students. To accommodate the high level of interest, the number of students who were admitted into the programme was increased to 75% for STEER Vietnam and to other STEER programmes.

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