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Mauritian Night Singapore

Initiated by the Singapore Mauritius Society in 2014, Mauritian Night is an annual non-profit platform for Mauritians and friends in Singapore to network and celebrate the colourful and diverse Mauritian culture.

In 2014, with the vision to reach out to the Mauritians in Singapore, the Singapore Mauritius Society, decided to use the traditional folklore of Mauritius, the Sega to unite Mauritians. Mauritian Night was born.

We were tasked to create the brand identity that captures the vividness of the Mauritian culture and Mauritian Night.

Project goals

  • Create a brand identity for the event, to which all Mauritians can relate to, and which is memorable to the audience

 Value of the work

  • Created a memorable brand identity that captures the essence of the Mauritian culture and Mauritian Night
  • The event became a long-awaited annual event. Over 150 tickets are regularly sold out every year within two weeks of registration and there is a long waiting list

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